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Buying office furniture online - our guide

Buying New Office Furniture Online – When is the right time?

When it comes to buying office furniture online, we believe there isn’t really a ‘right’ time. But there are always those warning signs that come into play a little before hand. If you have noticed staff are losing energy / morale, or see a lack of energy from visitors when they walk through the door, […]

Bimi Filing Cabinets

Office Storage Furniture – Office Solutions Explained

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Office Storage Furniture Solutions When it comes to office storage furniture, there are alot of options. Some may assist in opening an office space up, others may help space save. Whether you are looking to renovate a home office, or you’re looking to freshen up a working office, there are many options that can […]

How to replace an office chair gas lift / Gas Office Chair Cylinder Replacement

Computer chair keep sinking? Here’s how to solve that! How to replace an office chair gas lift cylinder Gas lift on your chair keep sinking? Read on to find out how to replace an office chair gas lift today. Our gas lifts/gas struts come as a complete sealed unit and replace the old unit in […]