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Office Chair Castors and Office Chair Replacement Bases

Shop for a heavy duty replacement office chair base and replacement castors with Free UK Delivery

Shop a high quality range of premium office chair castors and replacement bases online. If you’re looking to replace your office chair base or office castors, please see our range below. Need help on picking the right ones? No problem – contact us here

From Glide Castors, Heavy Duty Chair Castor Wheels, non marking castors,  to a new heavy duty replacement office chair base, we have replacement chair wheels and office chair bases covered. If you’re looking for a new chair base we supply all different types with and without wheel sets. Each castor has a load capacity of 50 kgs, making them a great high quality heavy-duty solution to wheel replacements. Also if you’re looking for a gas lift to go with your office chair base – check out our full range –  each gas lift is heavy Duty Factory Load Tested Up To 39 Stone (250Kgs).

We also stock full Office Chair replacement kits – save the trouble and save money with our full office chair repair kits here

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