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Shop for a heavy duty replacement office chair base and castors below

Shop a high quality range of premium office chair castors and a replacement office chair base online. If you’re looking to replace your chair base or castors, please see our range below. Need help on picking the right ones? No problem – contact us here

Our range includes heavy duty castor wheels, Gliders or Non-marking wheels. Our non-marking replacement wheels / castors feature soft tyre covers to provide a non-marking solution on office floors. These are also non-slip and are quieter, ideal for hard floors such as wood, laminate and tiles.

We also stock high quality heavy duty replacement chair bases which are available below.

Looking for a replacement base?

We supply all different types with and without wheel sets. Each castor has a load capacity of 50 kgs, making them a great high quality heavy-duty solution to wheel replacements.

Each of our castor sets fit standard 5 spoke office chair bases and each wheel has a load capacity of 50 kgs, making them a heavy duty and robust solution for a busy office.

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Need a new Gas Lift?

Looking for a gas lift to go with the base? Check out our full range –  each gas lift is heavy duty and Factory Load Tested Up To 39 Stone (250Kgs).

We also stock full Office Chair replacement kits – save the trouble and save money with our full office chair repair kits here