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Office Storage Furniture Solutions

When it comes to office storage furniture, there are alot of options. Some may assist in opening an office space up, others may help space save. Whether you are looking to renovate a home office, or you’re looking to freshen up a working office, there are many options that can sometimes be forgotten about.

Many times an office refresh assists in boosting staff morale and productivity, as well as creating a feeling of real office ‘revival’.

To de-clutter your office and increase productivity there are ways of adding storage into any room of any size as we explain below. It is important to note that to de-clutter, you’re best to use what we call – ‘hidden’ filing systems. Using storage solutions such as lockable shelved cupboards can enhance the look of the room, whilst providing an organised solution to paper build up.

Office Storage Furniture – Cupboards (Lockable Storage)

These are not only practical, but extremely convential and come in a range of sizes in height. The white office cupboards really add a very sharp clean contemporary feel to any office environment and create space. Whereas the wooden finishes such as maple and beech add a great twist to a classic contemporary finish. These are popular because they tend to work with a wider colour scheme and really add a vibrant warmth. We also have these available in steel metal which are again high quality and very durable.

Why we love them?  

As well as their practicality, they tend to hide the filing rather than leave on display and are very spacious and lock also. So promote security, a clean aesthetic and nice finish.

Office Storage Furniture – Shelves and Combination Units

If you prefer to display office materials and work in a fast paced charismatic office, our office bookshelves are fantastic for the extra storage. They are slightly thinner in regards to depth allowing the to really work with the space. If you like the idea of displaying some materials and still having some office privacy check our our office combination units.

Why we love them?  

They are great for adding charisma and professionalism to an office feel. These shelving units are high quality, practical and allow you to add warmth to an office design. We also have matching desks and pedestals to work with the final look.

Office Storage Furniture – Filing Cabinets and Space Saving Office Pedestals

Whether you purchase office pedestals to go underneath office desks (check our our workbundle desk and draws options) or you look towards having separate filing cabinets. They are both very useful when it comes to secure lockable storage. Space save with office pedestals  – our ultimate space saving solution. Or dispay office cabinets on one side of the office to break up a desking space and promote their use for team operations to help with office productivity. Regardless, whether the file storage is under the desk or standalone, these can make a great impact to any space and really help organise an office.

Why we love them?  

They are stylish and slick, durable and have a high quality finish. The locking mechanism assists with office security.  Therefore making them incredibly great at space-saving and allowing you to create a true free-flow environment.

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