Buying New Office Furniture Online – When is the right time?

When it comes to buying office furniture online, we believe there isn’t really a ‘right’ time. But there are always those warning signs that come into play a little before hand. If you have noticed staff are losing energy / morale, or see a lack of energy from visitors when they walk through the door, chances are you need to look at overall office setting.

Sometimes this can be down just to the decor or needing a fresh lick of paint (perhaps a team project!) However from our own experience, we find it usually comes down to the office furniture, office space and planning. If you are looking at ways to maximise space and have a cramped office environment – give our Office Storage Solutions Guide a quick read

We have a large range of matching office furniture online for you to peruse – from wooden finishes to metal options, all at extremely competitive prices. Shop our office furniture range here

Read our quick tip quide below and start planning your new office today:

  • Always consider moving/access points – create a free-flow office plan so your staff have freedom to walk around.
  • Consider corner desk and slimline desk options to help maximise space use along with office pedestals.
  • If you have the space, look to use high office cabinets and filing systems in one corner or section of a room. This will install a community approach to a staffing environment. Allowing for practiciality and also team building, removing that feel of isolation.
  • Consider each member of your team individually, particularly if you have a small team. E.g. If you have a sales team that are on the go or a web developer, will the desking set-up and office chair provided be best for their productivity? Ergonomic Sit to Stand Desking caters for long hours, but also allows staff to have true flexibility when it comes to standing or sitting and their posture. The right office desk set-up can increase staff moral, boost productivity and overall team happiness.
  • Remember cable tidy options and office floor cable covers, to hide unwanted cables for safety
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