If you’re looking for Corner Desks in Beech – you’ve come to the right place!

Our ergonomic corner desks in beech add a great contrast to any office, we’re usually told they also help to improve a general office colour scheme. They certainly always get brilliant feedback! The best part about the BIMI corner desk in beech has to be that the shade works with everything,  from sharp white lighting to contrasting staff accessories. This is probably why it is one of our best sellers, however what does help – is the high quality BIMI finish and of course the BIMI Outlet price tag!!

The BIMI corner desk collection in Beech ranges from 1400 mm in width to 1800 mm in width, so they really can be customised to suit any corner area! The corner desks also come in both a left hand corner desk solution or right hand one. Then again, if Beech isn’t your kind of finish – we have the BIMI range also available in White, Oak, Walnut and Maple

If you’re looking to maximise the most out of the space as possible, look no further than our Compact Beech Corner desks and draw sets here

Oh – and if you’re looking for a Corner desk with matching draws, of course we cover that too with our BIMI workstation bundles here




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