Working from Home Tips : Improve your motivation and efficiency when working from your home office

The last 12 months has impacted our lives in more ways than we ever could have imagined, in particular the way we are working. Millions of people around the world have begun working and studying from home for the first time, and while the future is uncertain, it is clear that many of us actually prefer remote work. Here are our top working from home tips to help you increase motivation and efficiency in your home office.

With many of us potentially never working in a physical office again, we take a look at ways to stay motivated and efficient. From setting up a workspace to managing your working day, there are many aspects to consider, and we have compiled a list of our top tips.

Working from home tips:

1) Create a separate space

Ideally, you should have a separate space in your home for working, whether it is a small room with the sole purpose of being an office, or a guest bedroom which is turned into an office space temporarily. Even if you only have a very small space in your house, there are many small desks which are designed to offer an ergonomic setup without taking up too much space. The key is to separate the space from your everyday life as much as possible, so that you can distinguish between your free time and being at work.

Working from home tips - Home Office Room Set up

2) Adjust your chair

You should take the time to correctly adjust your seated position. When you are sitting up straight, your wrists should not be bent. Your forearms should also be parallel to the ground. If you are currently working at a dining chair, it is unlikely you are able to achieve the correct posture. Look for a chair with an adjustable height, seat pan tilt and arm support.

Working from home tips - Office Chair Posture
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3) Invest in a monitor

If you are working from home permanently, it is worth investing in quality technology which will improve your efficiency. Rather than struggling to use your laptop, invest in a monitor with a screen width of at least 27 inches. This will allow you to view multiple screens. Alternatively, if your space is large enough, you may even be able to link two monitors.

Working from home tips - Home Office Desk Organisation

The monitor will need to be positioned so that when you are sitting up straight, your eyes naturally sit roughly 25% from the top of the monitor. This will ensure you are not over stretching or slumping whilst working. In addition, an external keyboard and mouse will provide additional comfort which overcomes naturally poor laptop ergonomics.

4) Dress for work

Although it may be a novelty to be able to wear your comfortable clothes when working, it can actually have a negative impact on your ability to work. Dressing in your usual working attire will help put you in the frame of mind for work, and it will also help you to switch off at the end of the day.

5) Stick to a routine

In terms of your start time, breaks and finishing time, it is important to stick as closely as possible to your usual routine so that you do not burn yourself out. Making time for yourself will actually improve your efficiency, so take your lunch break, go for a walk and make sure you are refreshed for work.

Whether you are currently working from home and looking to make yourself a more permanent space or thinking of starting a new business from home, we hope this article may assist you with your overall plan and help you create a space which is both comfortable and motivational. If you have found our top tips for working from home post useful please share our article

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